She Loves Dark Meat… I Can Tell

She Loves Dark Meat… I Can Tell

Does this image bother you? If so, does it make you want to pull out your blow torch and burn me at the cross? Or is this part of your beloved “Freedom of Speech”? What part of the 1st Amendment protects your right to be a racist, more than my creative expression or desecration of my private property?

“Burn a flag, burn a black person I say” is how Lindsay Clarke ended her almost 2 min racial tirade due to protestors “destruction” of the US flag, and “her” city of 33 years, Portland, OR.

I don’t care what that piece of cloth represents, why does the destruction of it call for the massacre and murder of a human race? What about the other races in America… they burning flags too! (When I say other, I really mean white, just gotta do the PR thing, would hate to scare Ken & Karen). She also included her dire want to enslave black people again, FYI.

The average cost of an “American” flag, at the standard size of 3’5’ should run you about 20 bills right? This flag, 3 colors and little angled lines are valued higher than a human life. Did you notice that wasn’t a question?… It was a statement.

That flag means more than your life, your children’s life, your parent’s life, your significant other’s life…. MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY LIFE! So important, that you’re willing to murder and kill for it. I’m sorry, let me say that again…

Are you willing to murder and kill for it? You can’t be, and this why. YOU didn’t serve, you didn’t take that oath as a slew of low down degenerates like myself did. SO WHO TF ARE YOU TO MURDER AND KILL FOR IT!? I’m not claiming to have any KIA’s, but damn it, I’ve been shot at and I’ve shot back for YOUR flag…. ALWAYS FLYING FORWARD, NEVER RETREATING on my right shoulder. But you wouldn’t understand that, would you Lindsay? You didn’t make that sacrifice.

And don’t you start using someone else’s experience either to try and correlate, because I’m not speaking about yo daddy, yo uncle, yo baby daddy, or anyone else’s. I’m talking about YOU, YOU RACIST! I'm willing to bet, if any of them served and had really been through it, color did not matter to them when it’s all said and done. They just cared that person to the left and right of them got them home safe.

What you don’t understand is your racism isn’t about the flag, that you really have no true loyalty too. Your issue is with color, and you are the fuel that is being used to burn an ever-changing flag to the ground. So maybe we should burn you, expose you for who you are, a Racist! If anything, as a the racist you are, you’re showing pride in the wrong flag… CLOWN!

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© Robert Benjamin

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