For The Fate Of Humanity Please STFU


Let’s cut straight to it… Joe Biden, please remain silent until further notice! No seriously, please and thank you. As of late, you have remained remarkably silent, especially after the countless senseless murders, and outcry of a nation, as we battle in modern civil warfare (knock on wood). For this, I congratulate and thank you, for it seems to have started working in your favor. Come sit down though Mr. Biden, let’s talk.

As of right now, it is not your duty/responsibility to lead this country. Let’s see if that changes come November, but as of today, that responsibility falls on the hands of good ol’ Trumpito. Let the people hold HIM accountable for the nation, the same way the people put all the weight on Obama during his term. Still do for some odd reason, 4 years removed, hmm. That’s a topic for Klan Hunter anyways, a space that breaks down and educates others on “racism “… for dummies of all backgrounds! (Blackman shrug emoji)

Anyways, Joe… Mr. Biden, let me be clear. I, the author of these words, am not a fan… of you. The memes of you and Obama were funny and relatable, as the relationship and consistent viewing of my best friend Chris and I together, would constantly be in comparison to the two of you. Of course, Chris and I the better duo.

I am not a fan of you, because just like your counterpart Trumpito, you do not have the greater good of humanity at the top of your priority list. Instead of giving the people your ear, you decided to use our skin color to shame our justification of weighing the less of two evils, one example.

Speaking of the less of two evils Joe, how do you expect me to choose, when you nor he can keep your creepy old man hands to yourselves, and both can’t figure out how to appropriately address said allegations. Smh, the male ego is dangerous thing.

Let us not forget about your weak apology for stating on the Breakfast club “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” (Blackman Face Palm Emoji) Biden, just STFU and follow Eminem’s lead in 8-Mile. “Go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful, and don’t comeback until something real dope hits you.”  

Go get some true DIVERSITY, and I’m not just talking Black. You need a team that will help you separate the current civil rights movement from the politics. To use it as a pillar, not your whole platform.  Stop focusing on catering to “black folk” when there is so much more to the Democratic vote. We should not be your target demo. The Republican’s majority demo is never going to change, where you, part of the Democratic party has a vast demographic and following to smooth over.

Listen to THEM also, and not just US! We have our warriors and fighters on the front lines. We aren’t looking for you to be “down”, we see where that lead us with Obama. We need you to do what’s morally right while taking care of business as the leader of the free world. Be the leader that can be the example of growth from humility and ignorance. Remain humble, not arrogant, fair yet impartial.

We need you to be the ears that listen to the outcries of ALL your citizens, not just our “Ally.” A leader knows that being an “Ally” is only a small part of job, but its 24/7. Bring what you have learned through this movement, to successfully uplift, enlighten and bring awareness to every movement and issues that arises during this time. Use your silence to cultivate a change for those immigrant children stuck in camps and our native American’s still fighting to keep ownership of their own land. There are so many fights to this country you wish to rule one day.


Unfortunately, the left has run out of ideas, and you are what seems to be their only response. Confused as to why, but with politics, I get it. To say I understand why you’re the “chosen one” would be very underwhelming. Due to the fact that there’s always BS when it comes to politics and quite frankly no one will ever tell the truth, hence “classified” documentation and forfei… and this is where I shut up, the feds are listening.


Thanks to our closed-minded government brewing in its old fragile ways, it only seems fitting that we, Americuhhhh (say it with the most drawn out exhaustion and dry mouth), are stuck with Tweddle Dee and Tweddle Dumb, for another voter suppressed national election.

I wasn’t around back then, but “history” allegedly says Republicans freed the slaves. Under what context, values or reasoning… I don’t know. But allegedly the Democrats wanted to keep them. You see how times have changed? For centuries, these parties have always been for self, catering to their own benefits and agendas. My question to you Joe… “Obama’s right-hand man” … Are you willing to break the cycle and finally listen to the people? Or are there alternative motives that may come to light after a possibly victory?

Like I said, we shall see in the next coming weeks. The Libertarian party is looking more and more interesting every day. Hell, I’m just a registered independent and I don’t trust any of y’all. I’m just a brother with some keys and an opinion, but we’ve all got at least one. (Blackman Shrug Emoji)

Until next time, as long as they don’t take me out… LMAOOOO (I’m sick)

© Robert Benjamin

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